Coldworker sign to Relapse Records

It's official: Relapse Records will release "The Contaminated Void" and further albums by Coldworker. In other words: we've signed with Relapse Records.

This is of course a great thing for us since Relapse has been one of the best labels for extreme music during the last 15 years, and speaking from personal experience - almost 10 years of collaboration with Relapse during the Nasum years have created a great bond between the label and I.

Exact release dates to be announced shortly but the European release will be in October and the American release early next year (sorry!). A full song preview (the track "They crawl inside me uninvited") will be featured on a bonus disc to the new Suffocation album in September.

Here is the press release from Relapse


Posted: September 17 2006, 16:37:43
Posted: July 31 2006, 12:49:50
Posted: July 25 2006, 02:37:50
How surprising... Anyways is there going to be pre-order anytime soon, I would like to have this recording in my mailbox as soon as possible.
Posted: July 24 2006, 09:04:24
Congratulations guys! :) Great news... I'll make a note for October! And thanks about reminding me about the Suffocation s/t. All the best!
Posted: July 23 2006, 16:39:12
This is the label that will best help Coldworker! I am very happy for you guys, congrats. Hope to get the CD soon, I guess I will have to get the European one!
Posted: July 22 2006, 20:56:45
yep, predictable. prety cool for you guys! :)
Posted: July 21 2006, 08:37:49
I knew it! ;)
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Merchandise update: t-shirt! And the long-awaited LP!

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The Doomsayer's Call officially released today!

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Listen to The Doomsayer's Call online

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Second sample from The Doomsayer's Call

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Coldworker confirmed for Neurotic Deathfest 2012

Coldworker will play at Neurotic Deathfest, March 3 2012. Other acts on the festival are Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Napalm Death, Suffocation, Misery Index and many more. More info at

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Release date and first sample from The Doomsayer's Call

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