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Posted: August 8 2008, 15:02:39
Daniel Ljung

Well, då får man væl bara hoppas på det bæsta framåt åt høsten!

tack før snabbt svar førresten!
Posted: August 8 2008, 14:00:42
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
Vad vi vet just nu så är det bara spelningen i Lindesberg imorgon som är aktuell.
Posted: August 8 2008, 11:02:40
Daniel Ljung
Jag vet att ni har spelat i ørebro(?) nyligen.
Kommer ni fixa några spelningar i Væsterås?
Ær i norge just nu, så jag missade chansen att se er.

Nya plattan ær guld, kan nog bli den bæsta 2008!
Posted: August 7 2008, 19:39:14
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
Well Finland is not so far away so hopefully we be able to come over in a near future.
Posted: August 7 2008, 14:25:48
Slowly We Rot in FInland!!!
Best album in 2008, music, production and art work!
Had to see live!!!
Come to Finland!!

Moshh! \,,/
Posted: August 6 2008, 00:35:13
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Yes, it's cancelled. The whole tour is cancelled. We have no shows outside of Sweden booked as of now.
Posted: August 5 2008, 23:53:51
HOW IT LOOKS WITH YOUR CONCERT WITH DEICIDE IN PILSEN 9.9.2008? Tickets are for sale, but some people told, it was cancelled?
Posted: August 5 2008, 14:39:25
i want to be in the band someday
Posted: July 28 2008, 20:54:41
Popovic Michal
Hi guys from Coldworker,I would like to invite you for show to Czech Republic.If you are intesested in it,send me mail on
Send me also how many it would cost (flying tickets and so on) and which city are you from?It have to be Probably either in Prerov or in Humpolec.It is the city where I am from
Posted: July 16 2008, 17:39:56
Joel Fornbrant, Coldworker
>>Jordan J.

Glad to hear you got a copy and that you like the album!

And yes, I am refering to the late Chris Benoit in my thank you-list. I just wanted to mention him since he has provided me with so many hours of great entertainment. It's a shame he had to end his life in such a fucked up way though.
Posted: July 16 2008, 08:50:12
Jordan J.
I FINALLY found a copy of "Rotting Paradise" at my local CD store, and it sure as hell made my day a lot better!
Incredible album!
Loving the absolute fine, perfected production, very, very good work!

I just had one question for Joel,
though I'm not sure he answers on this guestbook..
He thanks the "Rabid Wolverine" in the back of the CD pamphlet..
would that in any chance be about the former wrestler, Christ Benoit?
Posted: June 6 2008, 01:09:43
I see... thanks for the info, the new album is amazing guys, luv the artwork, congratulations for this masterpiece.
Posted: June 5 2008, 21:02:32
Listening to Paradise now, love'n the new album. Band's coming together well. Gotta his the states soon.
Posted: June 2 2008, 22:15:05
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
Not sure right now, but all info about it will be presented here in time before the release.

The split with pig destroyer and antigama was a limited thing from relapse own mailorder. It came along when you bought anything with any of three bands mentioned.
Posted: June 2 2008, 20:41:21
what kind of distribution will have that 7# thing? I ask this because I haven't seen your split with pig destroyer and antigama anywhere.

oooor it will be some kind of rare item? :p
Posted: June 2 2008, 09:46:16
Hey guys!

Just bought your new album and I have to say its really sick stuff! You know, "...Void" was a good album, no question, but something was missing to make it perfekt. With "Rotting Paradise"you guys found the missing part....that album rockst the hell outta me .... thank you for the music :D

(Death)grind on boys!
Posted: May 27 2008, 20:31:52
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
We saved that one and another called "cold world paranoia" for a possible 7# split in a near future.
Posted: May 27 2008, 20:19:52
what happened to the song "Identify With The Aggressor"?
Posted: May 19 2008, 00:02:57
"Rotting Paradise" Review online on Stormbringer Mag
greetz Reini
\m/ '-_-' \m/
The Austrian HeavyZine
Join Stormbringer @ MySpace
Posted: May 17 2008, 18:29:24
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Ljudkortet har ju inte speciellt mycket med slutresultatet att göra, men det är ett EMU 1616 för laptop. Minns inte riktigt vad det kostade men det är kanske i 5000 kronorsklassen.
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