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Posted: January 25 2009, 03:51:46
Hi! i just wanted to say thanks for a great gig @garage, oslo! We where quite impressed!
Posted: January 19 2009, 12:31:04
Patrick Nyberg
Spelningen ni gör på kulturskolan i Örebro 31 januari är öppen för allmänheten. Biljettpris blir 40 kr. Så har ni några kanaler till fans så utnyttja gärna dem. Forum/fanclub eller hur ni brukar göra.

/Patrick från kulturskolan
Posted: January 4 2009, 13:51:33
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
"Identify.." and one more "Cold world paranoia" was excluded from Rotting paradise 'cause we wanted to keep the length of the album down. These two songs will end up on a split "7 with the Finnish band Deathbound in a near future.
Posted: January 3 2009, 23:23:58
Jordan J.
Good evening, Gentlemen.

I was looking through some Coldworker videos on Youtube, and I came across the rehearsal video of your song "Identify with the Aggressor".. and it sounds catchy and very intense!
It said it was for your upcoming album, which at the time was obviously Rotting Paradise.. but it didn't make it on there.

Is it being saved for future use, or did you change the name of title..?
Posted: December 29 2008, 14:35:49
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
We are working on to finish some tabs, but it is very timeconsuming and boring. We have one song finished for Guitar Pro 5 right now (black dog syndrome) and will add it in the media files section in a near future.
Posted: December 28 2008, 12:38:43
Hi,really like your stuff.I'm coldworker addicted ! What's up with the Guitar Pro Tabs? Are they still ready? If yes,please send me all available to my emailadress ( Thanks....
Posted: December 3 2008, 20:48:15
david grayson, kansas usa
first things first, FUCKIN WOW MAN!!!!!!!!! ok, got that out of the way. it's about time COLDWORKER came into my life. I love METAL!! my friend Scott( one kickass drummer dude) came across Rotting Paradise at our small town music store and said," Here man, check this band out. The label said that if you like Morbid Angel, then you WILL like Coldworker!" Needless to say, our ears have been bleeding for the last 2 weeks!!!! Your writing and tones are fresh and new, unlike alot of the new CRAP thats being releast these days. I hope all you guye in the band get along and stay togeather.
I wish I could see you guys live. Being a father of 3, I can't come to europe so i'll have to wait in see if a Kansas date is in the near future. I did take my sons to see The Black Dehlia Murder in Kansas City last September. They were great, but I think Coldworker will blow'em off the stage. ( No disrespect to TBDM, they are a good band)
Anyway, I need more Coldworker, watch ya got for me? e-mail
And again, thanx for the fresh new METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: October 22 2008, 21:45:38
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
Drop C. Regular D tuning and then drop low E-string to C.
Posted: October 21 2008, 20:30:23
which guitar tuning do you use?
Posted: October 20 2008, 16:28:22
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
We have a guy that will tab down "void" among others to Guitar Pro 5 tabs. Just have to wait until it's done...
Posted: October 19 2008, 19:21:46
Anton from Russia
Hi! I like your music and I've been listening it from the very beginning when I first met banners about new Swedish band COldworker! Guys you are like fresh stream among that dozens of deathcore posers and people of the fashion flow!

Please send me tabs of "Contaminated void" song I beg you, frost on my skin runs when I listen to it my email
Posted: October 7 2008, 00:31:15
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
I'd love to come any day, but I am afraid we're not "big" enough to come to the US yet... Perhaps some of the metalfests will invite us some day. But you'll never know...
Posted: October 6 2008, 19:56:27
DJ Abstract
Have you any future plans to tour the US? We'd love to have you here in New York. Been awhile since I've had my face ripped off by a decent band. ;)
Posted: October 6 2008, 02:29:22
I didn't realized that I wrote the name wrong until now... :o my mail is drapedindisease at gmail dot com :) tabs, tabs, tabs, tabs! :D
Posted: October 3 2008, 18:27:43
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
Collapse, not collide... give me your email and I'll see what I can do.
Posted: September 30 2008, 17:14:28
WOW! you have tabs then! It would be awesome if you post them somewhere, waiting for buildings to collide, an unforgiving season, the black dog syndrome or seizures, all those songs have some serious groovy riffs that I would like to learn :) TABs SECTION! WE WANT A TABs SECTION! xD
Posted: August 23 2008, 00:49:11
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
Haha, one would have to be drunken on drugs to look for that song!
Posted: August 21 2008, 23:35:41
I are look for the song "WHAT A FUCK!!1!!1?"
Posted: August 11 2008, 16:27:05
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
What about them, which one are you looking for?
Posted: August 11 2008, 01:21:09
Hi guys! Your stuff is great! How about tabs?
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