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Posted: July 1 2009, 12:10:43
How do you solve the problem,that you hear the guitar sound on all drum tracks? The most on the overheads...Or do you use only the direct sound from BD,SD,HH,Ride,etc...

Another picking style completely changed since I use this stubby.Really,really,nice...sometimes I switch back to the Jazz III XL,..only for feel the difference...both are really good...but the stubby gives me a better handling.The tremolo picking at 220BPM feels like picking smooth rhythm guitar.And it has a nice dynamic sound.Accents are a lot easier.I love it!

Posted: June 23 2009, 12:42:54
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
It's usually 10 mics, 7 on the drums and then one per string instrument. But we've done more primitive recordings as well. The point is to hear the song outside of the rehearsal room.
Posted: June 13 2009, 10:44:44
@Oskar: Cool....pleased to hear that :)

@Andres:Is that a one mic demo,or do you use several mics, for each instrument?
Posted: June 12 2009, 21:01:09
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Patrick - re: arrangements:

That's something we work a lot on, and the end result is always thanks to the "demos" that we record. All the songs are recorded at least once before the album recordings, and more or less every song gets a refined arrangement after the demo. The best thing you can do as a band is to do recordings for your own use. You learn a lot from that.
Posted: June 12 2009, 18:02:15
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
We are working on a few more at the moment. It is quite time-consuming... and boring... :( But I will try to finish them in a near future.
Posted: June 12 2009, 10:25:08
Will you bother to add one or two other songs (GP Pro Tab) the next time?
Posted: June 11 2009, 22:52:00
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
...but! There is one minor error in the "black dog" GP-tabs that I think needs to be said/corrected. The verse starts of like this (simplified). But the second time the last three notes (described here below) comes back it is played on the 6th and 8th fret instead of 3 and 6.


Second time like this...


Apart from that the GP tab is correct :)
Posted: June 11 2009, 19:27:32
Thanks.That really helped me a lot.I know what you mean,it's really a personal taste and not every pick fits with your picking style.And every pick has another sound.But it's good to know what works for you,because that makes my search easier.I will give the stubby a second chance and try it out for some time...I still tested it today,and my opinion is you have to understand the material from the pick...and that needs time,like you said.My decision was a bit too quick.So thanks for your advice...
Posted: June 11 2009, 00:27:13
Daniel Schröder, Coldworker
I use the Dunlop Jazz III, XL Series. It fits my kind of play very well. I think it's a great pick for really fast riffing/picking with its "rounded" edges and a little bit smaller size than a "regular" pick.
I say try one out for some time and don't be too quick to judge it if it do not work for you at first. If you use a pick for a while you will develope a style with it and you will get used to it, and then it will be downhill from there.
Good luck with your searching Patrick!
Posted: June 10 2009, 18:32:20
Thanks a lot for your quick answer.My favourite was the Dunlop Jazz III,and I tried a lot of picks before,but I'm still searching,because I'm not happy enough with the results.I didn't like the feeling of these stubbies,too.But now,I think,I should give them a second try...and "BlackDogSyndrome" is such killer,but practicing with your riffs really open my mind.I like the way,you arrange your songs,they live
Posted: June 10 2009, 16:52:57
Anders Bertilsson, Coldworker
Well, that's a question of personal taste... I use Dunlop Stubby 3mm (the small ones, not BIG Stubby), and they've been my favourite pick for 7-8 years. At first I didn't like them too much, but I really gave them a shot, and got used to them. I wouldn't trade them for any other pick, but that doesn't mean that they're the only picks that work for Death Metal and high speed picking in general. However, my opinion is that you need a rigid pick that doesn't flex or bend.

What you need to do is to try out a handful of picks that you feel could work. Try them over time, and I'm pretty sure that you'll find something that suits you!
Posted: June 9 2009, 12:00:38
Hi,I've got a question for your guitarists.Could you please tell me,which plectrum works good for you at these high speeds.I tried many different things,and i know it's a lot of technique and practicing,too...but a good plectrum choose could make life easier ;) so,do you have a tip for me?

Posted: April 6 2009, 20:32:28
hei guys
really i like ur music,,
do u want perform in indonesia?napalm death,suffocation,the black dahlia murder,behemoth n more was performd in here!!
Posted: April 6 2009, 01:45:37
Posted: March 22 2009, 20:59:11
Hey are you going to put any tabs up in your media files, Also come to Canada
Posted: February 24 2009, 01:35:46
Hi Coldworker!

I would like order a few t-shirts from you. I live in Finland so how it happens. Listen out also our music from

Posted: February 22 2009, 19:55:57
Evil Meatman
Så in i helvetet bra döds!
Posted: February 19 2009, 03:08:28
Death to Christians
This is fucking cliche but come to Canada, Alberta, Edmonton.
Posted: February 2 2009, 08:00:53
Joel Fornbrant, Coldworker

Tajmingen var väl inte den bästa med andra gig både på kulturhuset och en utsåld Mustasch-spelning på club 700. Tack till samtliga som dök upp i alla fall.

Till nästa Örebro-spelning får vi styra upp ett sinnessjukt ös som kompensation.
Posted: February 1 2009, 12:04:23
Mysig spelning på kulturskolan, dock lite folk :-(
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