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Posted: June 29 2006, 09:30:03
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
My cymbal setup is displayed in an answer on the second page in the Nasum Q and A right now, but for the sake of it - my right crash is a Zildjian A Custom 20" (not 18", then).

Not sure about the "flatfoot" thingy, but I'll might try that once I begin practising the drums again. Following the recording we are sort of on a break.
Posted: June 29 2006, 08:51:17
this is to Anders J:
I know this has been answered time and time again on the nasum Q and A, but what is the 18'' crash that you use to your right? I know i've seen this answered many a time, but I just absoloutley don't have it in me to search through page after page of QandA.

Also, do you know the "flatfoot " technique? I asked you about building up my double bass (I'm JonLong on if you happen to remeber) because you had said you were working on the driving 16th for deathmetal. So, I decided to learn all there is about double bass. During that time I stumbled across that technique, which now lets me play at 224bpm. What it basically is is just having the ball of you foot on the pedal and twitching your foot as if you were nervous. Helped me out a hell of a lot, maybe it can help you too.

sorry for the barrage of questions by the way
Posted: June 28 2006, 09:37:24
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
We'll probably try to film as much as possible and make whatever is good enough publicly available.
Posted: June 28 2006, 05:54:21
I know recording a lot of quality concert footage wasn't Nasum's strong suit (and you probably hate the Nasum ties), but do you think some concerts will be recorded in good quality and released to the fans in the future?
Posted: June 27 2006, 02:06:17
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
We want to do shows everywhere! So as long as some good or resonable tour offers comes our way we will consider doing them.
Posted: June 27 2006, 00:04:22
Ok, well I dont exactly have the most organized thought process in the world, but heres a stab. Are you guys planning on becoming a well known band in the scene, or are you sticking to sort of the undergroundness in Sweden?

Another question I have that sorta goes with that is, are you planning on coming overseas to the US in the future? Obviously it's wayyyy early in the band's lifetime to be planning etensive touring, but I'm talking about in good time after the album is released and some shows in Europe. So basically, do you see it as a goal to do an overseas tour in the band's future?
Posted: June 26 2006, 10:15:32
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Merch is of course in our plans, but it's a little bit too early for that. But it's coming, eventually!
Posted: June 26 2006, 00:05:30
what about merch
looking forward to hear an obbviously great album !
rock on
Posted: June 25 2006, 12:43:58
Anders Bertilsson, Coldworker
That's cool d00m! Welcome, or whatever to say... =)
Posted: June 24 2006, 07:49:33
Hey, I guess I'm the only non-scandinavian fan here?
Posted: June 22 2006, 00:53:50
Mycket snygg hemsida! Kan inte vänta tills att få höra hela albumet. Det låter och ser mycket lovande ut. Keep up the good work! :)
Posted: June 15 2006, 20:12:50
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
Tjoho! Jag är inne i Coldworkernätverket... coolt! ;)
Posted: June 14 2006, 20:28:07
Snyggt jobbat med hemsidan!
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