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Posted: July 17 2006, 19:40:40
Har tre lätta men avgörande frågor angående det biffiga gitarrljudet ni har fått till:

Har ni pannat förstärkarna till varsinn L/R ? Så att t ex de två 5150 trackningarna är i vänster och de två Rectifier trackningarna är i höger

Har ni haft på tubescreamern hela tiden som boost?

Har ni använt Lead eller Rhythm-kanalen på 5150n respektive Mesa Boogien?

Ses på Tanto!
Posted: July 16 2006, 00:13:45
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
By popular demand (well...) you can now edit your own posts if you do a typo or something.
Posted: July 14 2006, 21:47:35
What do you Coldworker-fans out there think of the sample? Really makes you long for the album doesn't it?

To the band: How does it feel to have signed a record contract with this record company (that is still not official but not to hard to hard to figure out, and Anders made a blunder and accidentally made it "official" for a few minutes/hours:))?

A third show planned, awesome!

Anders, fint! det funkar!
Posted: July 13 2006, 10:52:02
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Richie > Kanske vid ett senare tillfälle om jag lyckas komma på någon bra funktion för att vara inloggad snarare än skriva sitt användarnamn vid postningar...
Posted: July 13 2006, 08:21:36
Tack Coldworker..
Fyfan vad bra det här var, har lyssnat på det intensivt och länge, får inte nog.

Nog med rövslickandet / Peace.
Posted: July 12 2006, 22:32:20
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
Det skulle jag också tycka vore bra eftersom jag alltid lyckas stava fel hela tiden. Och jag hatar när jag gör det :)
Posted: July 12 2006, 21:35:35
Anders, tänkte på en sak angående hemsidan. Är det möjligt att kunna redigera sina inlägg efter de är postade? Kan ju vara bra med en sådan funktion om det är möjligt så man inte behöver skriva flera små om man skulle komma på något strax efter man postat sitt inlägg.
Posted: July 12 2006, 19:23:16
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
In case you've missed it - a sample from the album is online now.
Posted: July 12 2006, 09:26:25
Anders B & Co...GRAVE, INFESTDEAD etc. and great talented "young pups" like SPAWN OF POSSESSION and yeah, from my nick... AEON!! \m/ Damn, Death has no end in Sweden! :)
Posted: July 12 2006, 02:40:47
COLDFUCKINWORKER come on guys work work !!! :D i am so happy to hear something from one of the members of GODS NASUM!!!!

u are awesome put more stuff plz :)

keep on
Hails from GREECE!
Posted: July 12 2006, 01:00:34
MERCILESS- Pure Hate!!
Posted: July 11 2006, 21:49:40
Anders Bertilsson, Coldworker
It's so cool to read all positive comments and expectations from you guys! Thanks alot!!! All of us are very, very excited about this as well (no shit?!?! haha)!!!

And, let's not forget about Merciless while we're talking about kickass fucking Swedish metal bands!!!!! I know Joel agrees with me! ;) MERCILESS RULE!!!!!!!

"Fuck The World!" - Phil Anselmo
Posted: July 11 2006, 10:00:53
>Joel. Hey there man. HaHa, yeah I'll bide my time... it just builds the excitement!
To Me Dismember tie with Entombed as the premiere DM band of the "Stockholm Big 4," although they are the more trditional of the two. Wow, I'm stoked to hear you're a fan; the same goes for "Somewhere In Time." Maiden have many great albums but that is my favourite.

Ok guys, all the best and will check in later. Yep, it is on now. :)
Posted: July 10 2006, 23:33:10
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Thanks man, and "Coldfuckingworker" was the best word this week! :D
Posted: July 10 2006, 23:04:56
Cheers from Greece!

So it seems that Anders Jacobson the grind drummer god has to spread the grindcore disease as he did once with Nasum.Well i'm so happy to see him and his mates playing again it's so amazing!Anders GRINDCORE NEEDS YOU!You are god!Eliminate us with Coldfuckinworker.The demo songs are truly devastating.Keep on the excellent work,workers!

Don't hesitate to check Straighthate we accept comments!!
Posted: July 10 2006, 21:34:48
Joel Fornbrant, Coldworker

Thanks for showing interest in Coldworker! You'll have to be patient just a little while longer, but news about record label etc should be out pretty darn soon.
Funny that you should mention Dismember's debut album, as it is one of my favourite albums of all time. One of the reasons I started playing death metal. "Somewhere in time" kicks ass too! Love that album.
Posted: July 10 2006, 11:04:09
Wassup Joel, Anders B., Andre, Oskar and Anders J!! Hope you dudes are all well!

As another non-Scandanavian, I'm trying to be patient but can we get a few more hints of what's happening in the Coldworker dystopia! Who is the lucky record label that you guys have signed with??
Would you say that the band is Death Metal (with some grind for good measure)? Not that labels matter... it's heavy! To get into the utterly brutal Swedish DM vibe for the next update, I've been spinning:

DISMEMBER - Like An Everflowing Stream
SOULREAPER - Written In Blood

... oh and not Swedish but still cool IRON MAIDEN "Somewhere In Time!"

Any ideas which bands you'd like to tap as tour partners?
Ok, enough fanboy hounding! Good luck and look forward to hearing from you. 'Till the next news, keep it extreme!

Posted: July 5 2006, 14:35:52
Hoho ;)
Posted: July 2 2006, 17:09:54
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Posted: July 2 2006, 12:17:42
Will Relapse be the releaser of your CD? :)
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