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Posted: August 16 2006, 13:33:41
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
I've always seen Lars as a sloppy drummer. Although he plays good and tight overall there's something about his style that I don't understand (obvious example here is when he tries the alternative beat in the "Some Kind Of Monster" movie...).

Pearl Jam's later albums are actually the only ones I've really listened to and I like them. Which reminds me: Oskar, return my record soon!

I've listened to the new Terrorizer a couple of times and although it has its memorable moments, I can't help but feel that it's a record that would have been better undone. "World Downfall" is as you said a classic album with memorable songs, the new one isn't. I can't blame a band for wanting to play again, but the result didn't live up to my expectations.

I think my favorite Tompa band actually is The Great Deciever. I think that's where his voice fits the best. Check it out if you've missed them.
Posted: August 16 2006, 11:11:42
Thanks for the cool reply Anders! Great drum inspirations there, but why no lars Ulrich? Wait... don't answer that! :) I'm a huge fan of Matt and loved Pearl Jam since my teens in the early 90's: a good old fashioned Neil Young-style ROCK band. The "what's trendy" spotlight may be off them, but I say their best work has been after the early days: "Yield" and "Riot Act" are amazing. Matt still has that powerful feel and comes at you with that odd-time stuff.

Oh! do you still feel the same way about the Terrorizer reunion? "World Downfall" is a Classic, brutalising the efforts of most extreme bands around today... but I'm conflicted! Do you think it's a bad idea?
I'm hoping for another Lock Up album... :(

Last question for now: if he Tomas "Tompa" Lindberg had to stay in ONE (ha!) band, which would you choose? I love ATG, but I think he is right in recently saying that the legacy is assured and it is unlikely for them to rejoin, even if they are all friends. I dig all the members bands (no disrespect, but what the Hell is Adrian doing in COF!? Goth groupies?) now, so I agree. I'd have to go with DISFEAR... awesome! And Uffe's in there as well!
Posted: August 15 2006, 18:13:48
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Förr eller senare kommer det Coldworker merch. Vad det bli får vi ta ställning till då.

Jo, Morgan Ågren är givetvis bra. Räknar in han bland "the drummers who played with Zappa".
Posted: August 15 2006, 17:02:49
Är det Coldworker-merch på gång? Tänkte eftersom Anders har funderingar på att trycka Nasum-tröjor så passar ni på att trycka Coldworker också?
Kan ni möjligtvis dela med er av lite idéer om motiv och sådant på tröjor alt. annat?
Anders, antar att du rankar Morgan Ågren rätt högt:) Helt sjukt bra trummis!
Posted: August 15 2006, 15:17:43
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Ha! Good story!

Well, my kit has been the same since... forever. I used to have two rack toms, but I think the last time I used that was on the "Inhale/exhale" recording. Yes, I have a double pedal and prefere that to two bassdrums, which is a total different feel. I have been thinking about adding a few more cymbals to my setup to get some more sounds to add to my style, as that would work well with Coldworker.

I guess my fave drummers are all in the classic rock genre because it inspires me a lot more to hear drummers play with 100% feeling and dynamics compared to the metal drummers who play with 100% speed and full power. Of course, there are briliant drummers in the metal world that gives me listening pleasure and some inspiration like Dave Lombardo, Pete Sandoval, Derek Roddy, Gene Hoglan and a few more, but for the real inspiration I rather listen to Neil Peart (Rush), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Jimmy Chamberlin (ex- (?) Smashing Pumpkins) and - sure, Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam nowadays), to name a few. A "newer" drummer that I enjoy very much is Robert Eriksson of The Hellacopters who in my opinion really should be seen as one of the great rock drummers ever.

I am a sucker for complicated music so most of the drummers who played with Zappa are musicians I draw inspiration from as well, so I could probably go on forever... :)
Posted: August 15 2006, 14:48:26
Hey there ANDERS J. There's been something on my mind since the Nasum days:

Along with many others across the nations, you're my fave Swedish metal drummer, tied with Nicke "Royale" Andersson. I'm a fan but not a drummer myself so could you tell me-
Has your kit remained the same over your career? From what I can make out in live shots, you seem to use a single bass drum... so does that mean you have an extension rig which has a double bass drum pedal which you play with your right foot?

Plus, who are some of your favourite drummers across genres? Of the many great ones, I admire STEWART COPELAND (The Police), MATT CAMERON (Soundgarden), FLO MOUNIER (Cryptopsy), COLIN KERCZ (Most Precious Blood) and whoever the drummers are in Cursed and Rotten Sound, respectively (names slip me right now.)

BTW Most Precious Blood, next to Sick Of It All, are the HEAVY traditional hardcore band that are worth hearing IMO in these days when the genre is going to Hell. Got to check 'em out live in Cape Town last year. They were all real nice, genuine folks and tore up the stage. I got to chat to Colin, who admired my NxDx "Scum" t-shirt. I told him I'd seen many shots of him in live action wearing an "Inhale/Exhale" tee. He heartily replied that the reason for this is that NASUM is his favourite band, EVER.

Just so you know. :)
Posted: August 1 2006, 09:40:10
Cheers Anders! :) I'm making a London trip in Nov., saving the cash to pick up some albums. "The Contaminated Void" is on top of the priority list.
Posted: July 31 2006, 09:20:35
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Well, on our MySpace page I wrote these as "influences": Cannibal Corpse, Misery Index, Carcass, Hate Eternal, Napalm Death, so that's probably somewhere along the lines of what could have been put on such a sticker.
Posted: July 31 2006, 07:17:27
To give us more of an insight into Coldworker (and the fact that Relapse isn't often too great with CD cover promo stickers) could you guys please write your own?! :)
"COLDWORKER: For fans of...

Ie. what company do you want to keep? If there's some non-DM/Grind, I hope it's the likes of awesome dudes like Converge, Ringworm, Cursed, Disfear, Mastodon etc.
Posted: July 26 2006, 20:33:55
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Drop-C (tune to D, drop to C).
Posted: July 26 2006, 19:32:25
Hey guys!
What's the tuning you use on the guitars (recording)? just curious...
Posted: July 26 2006, 10:17:22
Anders Bertilsson, Coldworker
Jo, 5150'n var definitivt leadkanalen, det har jag kollat, men Mesan hade vi lämnat tillbaks. Men som du säger, skulle tro att det var leadkanalen på bägge! Vi ville ju ha mycket dist, men inte sågverksdist... och jag tycker det blev ett bra resultat, det blev inte bara en gröt, vilket ju lätt är fallet om man rådistar! :)
Posted: July 26 2006, 01:41:28
Heh, att lita på Swanö är i och för sig aldrig pinsamt :)
Om det inte är allt för tweekat så skulle jag tippa leadkanalen på bägge, är en jäkla massa gain inblandat, även med tanke på två stereodubblade guror!
Posted: July 18 2006, 16:18:28
Anders Bertilsson, Coldworker
Hehe, det är ju nästan lite pinsamt att inte kunna svara på den frågan med hundra procents säkerhet, eftersom det var Swanö som vred å rattade fram allting medan vi bara stod å lirade, men topparna står ju iofs kvar med samma inställningar, så jag kan kolla det om du vill!

Skulle dock tippa på att 5150 kördes på leadkanalen, å förmodligen Mesan med... men jag ska kolla!
Posted: July 18 2006, 13:22:12
Inte för att tjata, men nu när lite strängslipare är här inne och skriver, körde ni på Lead eller Rhythm kanalen i 5150n? (antar att frågan gäller boogien också)
Posted: July 18 2006, 11:07:42
Anders Bertilsson, Coldworker
Precis, han rattade ju fram ett asbra ljud, och vet hur man ska behandla det! :)
Posted: July 18 2006, 01:27:40
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Swanös förmåga att få fram det bästa av ljudet ska väl heller inte glömmas bort.
Posted: July 18 2006, 01:03:56
Anders Bertilsson, Coldworker
Fetheten ligger inte alltid i hur mycket man stämmer ner... tvärtom kan jag tycka! ;) Stämmer man ner som fan så förlorar man bara definition å attack...
Visst kan det låta fläskigt som fan om nerstämda guror... men jag trivs bättre med måttligt nerstämt!
Posted: July 18 2006, 00:43:20
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
Extra roligt att många tycker att vi fått till ett så fett gitarrljud med tanke på att vi faktiskt inte stämmer ned så mycket.
Posted: July 17 2006, 20:03:49
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Alla gitarrer är stereodubbade, alltså finns det ingen left eller right guitar på plattan - Anders och André är i båda högtalarna hela tiden. Tubescreamern är på hela tiden och sen vet jag inte om det var lead eller rhythm på stärkarna.

Sen är en avgörande detalj Anders och Andrés spelstil som borgar för extra fetma i riffandet. För att inte tala om Oskars bas som trycker på lite härlig botten i helheten.
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