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Posted: September 19 2006, 16:01:10
Anders, hur är din relation till Close-up nu? Det var ju ingen snygg sak de gjorde till förra numret...
"An Unforgiving Season" är grym f.ö:)
Skönt att höra en hel inspelad låt till slut!!
Posted: September 19 2006, 15:21:25
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Det är fantastiskt kul, och enormt inspirerande kritik. Synd att det fortfarande är nästan två månader kvar till release... :(
Posted: September 19 2006, 14:04:23
Joel Fornbrant, Coldworker
Är rätt peppad på att läsa den där recensionen nu...
Posted: September 19 2006, 12:23:01
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
Tackar! :) Det känns jävligt kul faktiskt. Löken gav oss ju en riktigt bra recension också vilket var extra roligt!
Posted: September 19 2006, 11:25:57
Grattis till förstaplatsen i Close-ups soundcheck!
Posted: September 3 2006, 11:05:15
jesse is dead!
I know him.he was touring with napalm death once and I was drunken with them.
oh nooooooooooooooooo,
what a fuck!!!!!!!!!!!
I can´t believe!!!!!
Posted: September 3 2006, 10:37:51
oh,you can say what you want and it sounds nice,because I like bachforells!
and I´m drunken...on drugs.
you know these young guys not so long!what do they think about the new release?
I didn´t know that coldworker builds the base for a release so quickly and I thought it will sound like antigama on drugs."harhar"!
do you like antigama?or other polish bands?they work very hard too!
and there are so many releases for death and grind last time.
yea,the new terrorrrizör sucks.a bad part 2 of a classic album.why?
but I think your release can top my towering cd mountain.
I´ll wait for the new napalm death too.I hope more old skull grind.
oh,I saw suffocation last week.fuck,they kicked my album soon. ...happy,happy,joy,joy...
no testpress?damn!hard to find...
Posted: September 2 2006, 19:40:59
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
No, we are not creating a new style of metal. And we are not combining Converge/Neurosis with grind and metal. You can not get a promo unless you work for a magazine, and in that case contact your local distributer of Relapse Records.

I do not currently need any help with Nasum stuff.

Sorry for sounding very negative, there were just a lot of "no"-answers.
Posted: September 2 2006, 17:45:16
no interview,fan questions.
yes,I checked the news already.
I know "cold working", or "black metal".
but venom created a new style of metal (nothing for heavy metal pussys)^^
would you do the same?
I like the idea to combine converge,neurosis... with grind and metal.
did you find your way to create this?
where can I get a promo or a testpress?

I asked you some questions about the nasum stuff too.I can help you with this.
no commercial interests,but I think we shouldn´t forget nasum.
I created shirts,skateboards, I know what I have to do.
you can mail me to my internet adress,or not.
grind on !..!_

Posted: September 2 2006, 12:50:29
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Is this an interview?! I advice you to check out all the news posts + the studio diary where all your questions actually are answered.
Posted: September 2 2006, 12:40:43
coldworker is cool and a cold,fresh idea my friends.

what does the band name stand for?
the new album is coming!long,short trax?how many?
lyrics about?
cover artwork?by?
any guests?
do you visit germany?can I invide you?

what´s with the nasum stuff,anders?can I help you with this?
I´ll open a homepage with pictures,interviews,stuff... in 3-4 months to promote the bands that I love!I have a lot of trouble and I work 12h every day.but I want to do this!
I have to visit more concerts,festivals,events... to get more and more...
I wish you the best!
Posted: August 31 2006, 12:00:05
cool videos ! it's a really good idea ... i hope to see you in france soon !
Keep music evil
Posted: August 29 2006, 09:35:27
Love the great interview... it was the pick-me-up I need, after I just learnt of JESSE PINTADO's death. Thanks for the kind words on the Nasum site Anders.
Posted: August 21 2006, 10:58:46
Close-up made us do it... Fan va fint!
Posted: August 20 2006, 11:14:28
Har ni planer på att släppa "The contaminated void" på vinyl så småningom?

Edit: Ok, jag såg svaret i "News articles"
Posted: August 18 2006, 14:33:30
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
...while still on the subject of asskicking drummers - check out the "Black Page" video at Zappa Plays Zappa and realize that Terry Bozzio is the king.

This is probably my all time favorit instrumental piece from the Zappa catalogue. I wish I could play it...
Posted: August 18 2006, 10:02:37
Sorry Anders, no disrespect or offense intended! :( Lena is beautiful but also a talented actress as well."Romeo Is Bleeding" is intense, and one of my favourite films.
Posted: August 17 2006, 22:31:13
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
The European release date is November 6. There will be some touring close to that, but not in England...

André says that the name is taken, but has been in the family since the 19th century. He is a Swede!

And your last paragraph actually was a bit sexist so I won't respond on that...
Posted: August 17 2006, 09:10:01
Excellent points there Anders! Yeah, I've always known about the Great Deceiver... of course I found out about them because Tomas was in there and they supported Napalm Death. Very interesting mix of influences and sounds from the few tracks I've heard: as well as death and grind, I'm a massive fan of The Cure, Helmet and Godflesh... so I better get the albums!

I'm with brutalbrutal! Just as long as it's out by in November, so I can pick it up in London. (You ain't gonna be TOURING then, perhaps?)

Looking at your shredder Andre's (Carnal Grief) surname, I'm wondering... is he a Swede, but of Italian descent?

And I think you should have promo posters for the album uniting two of some of the best exports from Sweden- great Stockholm Actress LENA OLIN in a thong and a Coldworker girlie tee! :) \m/
Posted: August 16 2006, 18:27:19
just so we're crystal clear on this subject you guys are goddamned ruthless. bring with the release already!
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